Import sport matches from

You can only import sport matches from on the web. Follow the 4 steps that are described below, or watch the instructions video below.

  1. Log in and find the particular group. Choose “Create event” followed by “season planner”, and then choose “Import” that is located in the upper right corner.
  2. Go to and find your team. Then choose “Matches” that is located in the upper left corner. Click “Subscribe to calendars” and a link for a calendar file will appear. Copy this link. (You can only import one team at the time. If you have multiple teams you need to do this pro
  3. Copy and paste the link into Spond where it says “Paste the address of the calendar file here…”. Then click “Import”.
  4. You can chose when the invites are sent out, if the members must confirm attendance or if they are automatically attending, who the attendance list is visible for as well as if you want to set an automated reminder.

PS! This feature is currently only available for football and handball teams in Norway at the moment. We are working to make this feature obtainable for several sports. We encourage users to send an e-mail to their sport federations to make them aware that it would be useful to implement their sport directly into Spond.

Watch the Norwegian video here.

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