Legal for organisers of Spot the Ball (UK)

Who is running this campaign? 

Spond Ltd (“Spond Ltd”) is a company registered in England and Wales with registered address at Profile West Suite 2, First Floor, 950 Great West Road, Brentford, Middlesex, TW ES and company number 13705044 Spond offers a web-based service, enabling non-commercial organisations to raise money by promoting Spond’s prize competition, Spot the Ball. 

How is the campaign structured? 

The campaign will be managed and hosted by Spond. Your organisation and individual members can market the campaign, although they should be clear that Spond is managing the campaign. You get to tailor the prize competition to your organisation and to facilitate this, give Spond permission to use the organisation's name and logo. . 

Who is responsible for data protection and other legal requirements? 

While Spond will take responsibility, as the campaign organiser, for compliance with any applicable data protection and privacy legislation within the prize competition and the Spond app, it is the responsibility of the client organisation to ensure that all relevant laws and regulations relating to the sale and promotion of competition entries are complied with. For example, if you choose to promote the prize competition outside of the Spond app via email, direct mail or leafleting, you are responsible for complying with all relevant legal requirements. 

Is there an age restriction on who can enter the prize competition? 

Any Entrant who is under the age of 18 must have obtained permission from a parent or guardian to enter the Prize Competition. Spond reserves the right to require proof of age or proof of such permission from a Prize Winner before the prize will be awarded. 

Will the terms and conditions be provided? 

Yes, as the organiser and manager of the campaign, all terms and conditions will be supplied by Spond and we recommend you read them carefully. 

You will need to accept the following terms and conditions before setting up a campaign to market Spot the Ball:

  • The Prize Competition Campaigner Terms and Conditions can be found here [#insert link#]

Participants will need to accept the following terms and conditions before entering a prize competition operated by Spond:

  • The Spond Prize Competition Terms can be found here [#insert link#].

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