Download attendance history

You can download Attendance statistics both in the app or on web.

In the app

Enter the group and go to the 'members' tab then click the Excel icon in the top right corner then 'Export Attendance History'.  You can also access this by clicking the three dots on the right (more) inside the group then 'Export attendance history'. You can select All events, Year To Date or Custom. You will then be able to share the Excel file via text message, Whatsapp, email, add to notes or saving to files on your phone.

On web

Enter the group and look to the right beneath the group picture. A tab with three dots is located next to the tab “Create sub group”. Press the “three dots” tab and the alternative “Download attendance history” will appear. You can select which events you would like to include in the export. You can export for the whole group or per sub group. The export will save in your Downloads folder on your computer.

The export includes:

  • The members name
  • Date and name of the events
  • Whether or not the member were invited and attended, if they were on the waiting list, were late or had valid absence.
  • Number and percentage of total attended events
  • Percentage of events member were late or had valid absence for


In order for this feature to be beneficial it is recommended that the administrators register attendances after each event.

(If you delete members from a group they will also be deleted from the attendance history.)

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