Send direct messages (private or in group)

Both in the app and on the web there is a separate message symbol for "Messages". You can send private messages one-on-one , or create group conversations with a similar user interface as in other messaging apps. You can include text and attachments (Word, Excel and PDF)

Members that have downloaded the app will receive push notifications when someone is messaging them. SMS registered members will receive an SMS when they first receive a private message inviting them to download the app. Those that have registered with Spond via email will receive private messages directly to their email inbox and can respond by registering and logging in on

How do I delete, archive or leave messages?

  • You can delete messages (sent from you) by pressing and holding the message for a few seconds and select 'Delete'. You can do so within 48hrs of sending it. This will delete the message for you and the receiver. You can not delete whole chats, only archive them.
  • To archive whole chats press the 'i' inside the chat, then 'archive chat'. This will only archive the chat for you, the receiver will still see the chat in their inbox and will not know that you have archived it. To re-open the chat, start creating a new message by selecting the receiver/s and the previous content will reappear. The chat is still archived at this point, it's only unarchived if someone sends a new message.
  • You can also leave group chats by pressing the 'i' inside the chat then 'leave chat'. The other members of the group chat will be notified that you have left.

How do I forward a message?

To forward, copy or react to direct messages, hold down the text for a few seconds until these alternative comes up.

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