Tips on how to set up payment requests

If you wish to collect money for a trip, annual membership fee, new uniforms etc. you can create payment requests within your group or subgroups. You can choose to have a set price (everyone pays the same amount) or a base price (numerous options) as well as if the payment is optional or required by the members. The request will only be visible to the ones who’s been asked to pay and you will get a full overview who’s paid both in the request itself and under Payment > Received Payments. You can also set a due date and send reminders or messages to the recipients.

Another way to use the payment feature is to create an event with a registration fee.

If you haven’t already added a payout account on your profile, you will be prompted to when creating the request. You can also skip this part and add the information later under Payment > Payout Method in the main menu. In this case the money will be put on hold until you add it. Each member who collects money have to add the payout account in their Spond account. This means if there is more than one admin collecting money in the group, they need to add the details to their own Spond account.

You can choose the payout schedule to be daily, weekly or monthly. Important to note: Due to the regulations our payment provider (Stripe) has to follow the money will be paid out a minimum of 3 days after being received. (This means the earliest your payments will be paid out to your account is 3 days, even though you select daily payments) You can find and compare all payments by requesting a payment Export.

To get an overview over all payments in a group go to Home > Post/Payments > select Payments in the drop down menu.

If a payment request is deleted from the group all pending funds will still be transferred to the payout account but the request itself can unfortunately not be recovered.

Payments can not be refunded through Spond. This has to be organised between the member and the receiver.

The transaction fee is 3% of the amount + £0.3, rounded up to nearest penny. This covers all fees associated with charging payment cards and transfering money.

If you have any questions in regards to your payments, please email us on

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