How to create payment requests

If you wish to collect money for a trip, annual membership fee, new uniforms etc. you can create payment requests within your group or subgroups. The request will only be visible to the ones who’s been asked to pay and you will get a full overview who’s paid both in the request itself and under Payment > Received Payments. You can also send reminders or messages to the recipients.

  1. Web: Go to the group, press "payment request" in the menu and follow the steps
    App: Go to the group, press + in the top right corner and "payment request"

(If you do not have this function available it's due to limited admin permissions)

  1. Select the group you would like to create the payment request in and select the recipients
  2. If you haven't already, create a payout method
  3. Add a title, description, due date and if the payment is mandatory or optional
  4. Set a base price (one price) or add multiple products with different prices and the option to select a quantity. You can also add attachments.
  5. When the payment request is created, a notification will be sent to the participants and they can pay directly in the app or through the email if they don't use the app. How to add payment method
  6. If you press the three dots next to "edit" you can duplicate the request, create an event from the request, create sub group or delete the request.

Read more about how to export payments. You can also export an overview of a particular payment request by going to the recipient list and press "export overview". The payout method chosen to receive the money to is linked to the admin, not the group so it's only the admin who created the payment request who can export this from their profile.

A member has paid outside of Spond? If the payment request is required (not optional) admin will be able to go to the recipient list and set the member as paid by pressing the three dots next to their name.

If you have any questions in regards to your payments, please email us on

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