What is Spot the Ball (UK) ?

What is Spot the Ball? 

Spot the Ball is a great way for clubs and other non-commercial organisations to raise money. Spond provides the platform on which individualised prize competitions tailored to your club can be set up with ease. The games are wholly operated and managed by Spond. We even create the campaign page to help you get the word out to members and others who might be interested in contributing.

How it works

  1. Group leader creates a campaign in Spond by setting up an individualised Spot the Ball prize competition. This lasts for 7 days. 
  2. Supporters are selected from among the members of the group / club and will be notified when the campaign starts. They are each given a personal campaign page to share with friends and family. Supporters will receive updates and tips during the campaign.
  3. Supporters can share their personal campaign page via social media, WhatsApp, SMS and email. The more they share, the more they can sell. Read more tips 
  4. When someone opens a campaign page on their mobile or in a browser, they will be able to choose how many entries they want to buy, pay with card or Paypal. The receipt will be sent to the buyer by email. 
  5. Winners will need to provide their address to receive their chosen gift card. 
  6. The funds raised less agreed fees and costs will be settled within 30 working days after it has ended as a payment for marketing services.

More information about campaigns, sellers and buyers for Spot the ball!


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What is Spot the Ball (UK)?
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