How Spond work with feature requests?

Spond has continuous development of our products. We work closely with users in many different ways. We are completely dependent on the users helping us with feedback and helping to develop Spond further.

How we handle requests for new functions:

  1. Users submit feature requests via support.
  2. Support requests more information to get the best possible basis for understanding the user's needs.
  3. Support enters the feedback into our internal feedback system.
  4. The product team continuously monitors all things that are reported and prioritises which features we work with when and whether they are to be developed or not.
  5. When we start research of new features, we often contact those who have submitted the request and involve them in the process through surveys, feedback meetings and testing.
  6. When the feature is launched, we aim to contact everyone who has registered the request.

If you have new features in the app that you want to register, you can contact us here via the help center or send an email to

For requests for new functions in Spond Club, this is done by the club administrators themselves under Give feedback in the menu in Spond Club.

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