May several people register with the same phone number/e-mail address?

 No! If a child is to register in the app, he or she cannot register with a guardians phone number or e-mail address.

You cannot register two users with the same phone number or e-mail address, as this will create difficulties for you as a user. Each person is required to have unique contact details, and it is the administrator that ad this to Spond. Each contact creates a unique Spond user, so if a user has previously registered with a phone number or e-mail address, that same contact information cannot be registered again.

The administrator can choose to add the child´s phone number or e-mail address (and to one or both guardians) if the administrator and guardians believes that the child is old enough to reply to invitations themselves. It is important that the child have their own contact details, as several people (for example child, mum and dad) cannot be registered together.

If you still wish to register as part of the child´s contact information (phone number or e-mail), follow these steps;

  1. In the app, choose “Me”, and then change “E-mail” or “Phone number”.
  2. Change the child´s phone number or e-mail to your own (ensure that the administrator has registered the new contact information).
  3. If the administrator has failed to register the new contact information, ask him or her to add you as the guardian of the child with the new contact information (phone number or e-mail).
  4. You can also delete the current account and register a new profile with the new contact information.

If you already have a Spond account, and have lost the information when you registered with the child’s contact information, you can change it back as described above. Things will then be the same as before.  

PS! Each administrator and guardian can choose if a child shall receive invitations with their private profile. The administrator can leave the contact information of a child blank, if the guardians want to reply on behalf of that child. The guardians will receive invitations and other relevant information on behalf of the child if this option is chosen.

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