Some people are not receiving the invitations I send through e-mail

There can be several different reasons as to why some people are not receiving the invitation through e-mail.

  • Did you enter the right e-mail address? A letter or character can be easy to misspell.

  • A spam filter in your e-mail program or Internet provider may have identified e-mails delivered by Spond as spam. Check your spam filter to see if you can find the invitation there, and then indicate that messages from Spond are wanted.

  • Do you use an e-mail account that automatically forward e-mails to another e-mail account? In some circumstances it is possible that the e-mail server has blocked the forwarding feature.  Make sure that the person that sends out the invitations uses the right e-mail address (without the forwarding feature).

PS! It is rare, however sometimes e-mails use minutes or even hours to be delivered.

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