Invite members to group with group link/code

The group link/code is an alternative way of inviting members to your group if you dont invite them with their contact info. Each group is given a unique group link that can be shared with those who you wish to invite and can only be entered in the app, not on web. The administrator can find the group link both in the app and on web:

  1. Go to group > press "members" and "invite to group with link" (enable this first if it's disabled)
  1. Press the group link to copy or press SMS, Email etc. if you would like to share it directly. The 5 last letters of the link is the group code. (This is an example only) :

Example of what the person will see when they open the group link in their phone:

  1. When someone uses the code to request access to the group, the group admin receives a notification and need to action this, either by accepting or declining.
    1. If the person requesting access is an adult member, the member request look like this:
    2. If the person requesting access is a guardian and they are adding their child to the group as well as themselves as guardian, the notification look like this:
    3. If the person requesting access is a guardian and the member they wish to be guardian for already exist in the group, the admin will receive a direct message and need to add the guardian to the member that exist.

Read how the members/guardians can use the group link to request access to the group.

Tip: If the members of your group are asking for a group code even though you have already added them as members you should check to make sure they have registered with the same contact details that you have added them to the group with.


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