How does payout methods work? (for admin)

You will have to add a payment method for us to be able to pay money to you. You can do so by going to Payment > Payout method > Add payout method

We will verify that the information we receive is right before the payment process begin. This will normally take a maximum of 5 days. Once we have been able to verify your account the money will be transferrer according to the payment schedule you have set up. 

  1. As a privat person  We require bank account number, name, date of birth and street address from individuals.

  2. Company  We require the company number and any further owners of the company (because of the eu-regulations that our provider is obligated by). Any other private owners (other than yourself) that own more than 25% of the company need to be added to this section. This is not relevant to teams, associations and foundations.

    To comply with laws and regulations we, and our payment processor Stripe, may require that you verify your identity, read more.

    Why do I need to add additional private owners?

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