What are the different types of invitations?

You can use Spond for all types of invitations and events. Spond can be a practical tool to arrange all types of events from sports team practice, kids birthday parties or to just arrange a coffee date with friends in a busy life. There are four different types of sponds:

  • A specific date for single events where the date and time is arranged in advance.
  • Suggest several dates where you as the initiator can suggest numerous dates and/or times. The administrator can choose the option where the most people are able to attend. Everyone that has been invited to the event will receive a notification of the final date when this has been established.
  • Repeating invites for recurring events (for example weekly). The administrator chooses when the invitation is sent out. This could for example be 1, 2 or 5 days before the event will take place.
  • Season planner (for example sporting matches that are played on different dates). The administrator will be given the same option as in the repeating Spond, and can also choose how long in advance the invitation will be sent out to the participants.

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