Why can’t I find a group?

It is not possible to manually search for a specific group, as Spond only generates closed groups. You will be automatically added to a group if you are invited by the group administrator.

I already have an account and have been added but the group isn’t showing
Check with the group admin if they have added you with the correct contact details connected to your Spond account (phone number or email)

How do I know who’s group administrator?

If you are unsure who the group administrator is, speak to someone in your group or someone in the leadership team such as your coach or team leader.

How can the group administrator add me to a group?
1. By adding you with your contact details (you will then receive an email or text message with the invite to join)
2. By sharing a group link with you that includes the link to download the app as well as group code you need to enter in the app to access the group.

How to I get started/become a member?

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