How is Spond different to Facebook/WhatsApp?

There are several specific distinctions between Spond and Facebook/WhatsApp. Some of the most important ones are as follow:

  • Spond has main groups and sub groups, which create an easy solution for larger groups of people consisting of several teams. This feature makes it possible for the main group to communicate with each other, and in addition to this, each sub group may communicate amongst themselves (for example; team yellow/blue/red). Each group is also able to bring players from other groups (teams) for matches when needed.
  • We have created a solution for instances where both the guardians and the child may reply to an event. This solution means that a player (child) may register with their guardian, and both the child and/or the guardian may reply to events, or the child may reply alone. Everyone (the child and both guardians) will be notified if someone replies to an event, and if someone changes the answer (for example if mum changes the answer from yes to no because she knows that the family are going away at the time of the event). This feature will also make is easier for team leaders to see who will attend the event or not, as the player is only counted once in the attendee list.
  • You can receive payments through Spond. If a team for example needs to collect money for sports attire, or to attend a sporting event, you can set the event to paid attendance.
  • Spond secures an answer from everyone, as we send out 3 free SMS messages to ensure that everyone knows what the team is communicating. Those that don’t wish to download the free app may choose to respond by e-mail.
  • Spond makes it possible to choose which players should be invited to the different events (everyone does not always need to be invited).
  • Spond can automatically send out invitations for you. This can be done on for example a weekly basis, or from a “match list” that you can easily import to Spond (at web) before the sporting season. You decide how long in advance the invitations are to be sent out.
  • It is easier to see who will attend the event with Spond (and “maybe” is not an option).
  • You can easily send out a friendly reminder to those have yet not replied to the event.

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