How do I find my IBAN?

You can usually find your IBAN number on your banking statement, your online banking or by contacting your bank directly.

(For Norway) Sparebank 1 has a website that allows everyone (regardless of which bank you have) to view their IBAN-number (link). You will have to specify your account number in order to access the IBAN-number. You can contact your bank if the attempt to find your IBAN-number through the Sparebank 1 website is unsuccessful.

What do I need the IBAN-number for?
The IBAN-number is an account number used for international payments, and is crucial if you are going to receive payments from overseas. The IBAN-number identifies your bank account, and makes it possible to receive payments from an international bank. Spond use an international payment provider (Stripe) and is therefor dependant on the IBAN-number. 

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