How do I change my e-mail (or add additional ones)?

In the app
You can change e-mail accounts that are linked to the app within the “Me” tab. This option will allow you to change your primary e-mail, add additional e-mail accounts or delete an old one. If you would like to change your primary email address, you first have to add the new email address you would like to use, verify it and then set it as primary (by clicking it and selecting this option). After doing so you will be able to delete the previous primary email address.

The ability to add multiple e-mails is beneficial if you are sent invitations in a different e-mail account than the one that you originally registered with. You will then receive all invitations directly in the app.

On the web
Press the profile icon or the picture in the upper right corner and choose “Profile”. The same options available in the app will then appear (described above)

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