How will we get paid from the Spot the Ball campaign(UK)?

How will we get paid from the campaign? 

Funds will be transferred to your organisation’s designated bank account.

How much will my organisation receive? 

Campaigners receive payment for marketing and promoting their individualised prize competitions to members and other potential entrants.  The amount paid is calculated based on the entry fee contributions received by Spond.

A total of 75% of all proceeds will be given to your club. The only thing that comes out of this fund is the giftcard prize supplied by Spond, which can be worth anywhere from 5% to 25% of total sales, a figure which is decided by the host organisation. Here’s an example where Acme FC sets up a campaign in the Spond app with a 20% prize level and sales of £1,000: 

  • Total sales = £1,000 
  • Spond management fee (25%) = £250 
  • Value of prize giftcard, supplied by Spond (20%) = £200 
  • Income for Acme FC = £500 

In this way entrants know that by participating in Spot the Ball they are helping the club raise money.

How quickly will my organisation receive the proceeds of the campaign? 

All funds due will be settled within 14 workdays of the closing date of the prize competition. 

Will payments made by Spond include VAT, if applicable? 

All payments made by Spond are inclusive of any VAT payable by your organisation. It is your responsibility to determine whether you are required to account for VAT or other taxes that relate to your provision of marketing services of a prize competition for this campaign. 

How will my organisation be paid by Spond? 

Payment will be made to the account details provided when the prize competition was set up, unless updated by giving notice to Spond via email to

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