How do I add members?

It is easiest to do the largest administrative tasks through the web, but it is also possible to add members in the app or with a shareable group code.

On the web
Enter the specific group and press “Members”. You can add a new member directly through this function, or choose to add an Excel spreadsheet. You can copy/paste directly from the Excel spreadsheet and into Spond if you choose the latter.

You will get here if you choose “Import from Excel or Google Docs”;

In the app
Enter “groups” and choose the specific group. The option “add members” will appear when you press “members”. You can also enter the profiles that are already saved to edit or delete members.

You will not be able to edit an excel spreadsheet on your phone. You will have to use web if you want to take advantage of this feature.

Via group link
A group link can easily be shared via text message, email, Facebook or Whatsapp. You can find this link below the Import option.

Tip: If the members of your group are asking for a group code even though you have already added them as members you should check to make sure they have registered with the same contact details that you have added them to the group with.

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