How does “Main group and sub groups” work?

The purpose is to make it easier for larger cohorts consisting of several teams. Each subgroup can communicate amongst them selves with this feature. They can also bring players from other subgroups (sport teams) when needed, for example for a particular sport game.

You can add several sub groups after you have created a group. For example, if you create a main group by the title “Teamname Boys 03”, the title of the subgroups (teams) might be yellow/red/green or zebra/tiger/lion etc.

All of the players will be in the main group, but each player will also be added into the particular subgroup that they belong to. It is also possible to add one player into several teams (subgroups).

All of the players in each subgroup will be alerted by all invitations and comments that are created in the main group. If some information is meant for a particular sub group, that information can be added in that particular group and no other group will see that information (except from admins). For example, in the subgroup “Zebra”, the team leader might invite the team to a match or practice, and add messages that are specific to that team and its players/guardians. The administrator (team leader or coach) may bring a player from another sub group if he or she for example needs an extra player for a particular match.

PS! This feature also works well for adult leagues that have 1, 2, or even 3 teams.

How to create a sub group

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