Edit member information

This feature lets members (and guardians of member) edit member information such as date of birth, address, guardians and custom member field which was previously only possible for admins.

To give members this option, an administrator of the group first needs to enable this by going to the group settings and to 'Member fields'. Here admin can go into each of the fields to select who has permission to edit them; Only admin or Admin, Guardian and Adult members or Admin, Guardian, Adult member and Children.

Once this is enabled in the group settings, the members can edit these fields under Me > Group Membership > select group and member, then edit the available field. (This is only possible to edit in the app for members)

Guardians can also add other guardians in the app. They can do so by going to the same setting, then press + next to their own name and add more. Whoever is added will then receive a notification of this.

How can I add other guardians to my child?

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