How does the “Season planner” work?

The "Season planner" allows you to create several events at the same time in just a couple of minutes (for example a whole sports season). In this feature, a digital spreadsheet will appear, allowing you to copy and paste from an existing spreadsheet. You can also import a calendar file (.ics) from Google Calendar and iCalendar.

This feature is only available through web ( If you choose this alternative in the app you will receive a link to the spreadsheet to do the work on a computer.

You chose when the invites are sent out (up to 14 days in advance) The events will still show in the members app even though the invite is not yet sent. Admin will get a notification 24 hours before each invitation is sent out, allowing you to make changes to or cancel the event if needed. 

To start:

  1. Go to the group
  2. Press 'Create Event' and select 'Season planner' (the below spreadsheet will appear)
  3. Add all your event details to the spreadsheet. Press 'import' if you want to import a calendar file. (For Norway: import directly from and
  4. In the event settings, select when you would like to send the invitations (up to 14 days ahead), if the members must confirm attendance, if the event is visible to only invitees or the whole group, if the attendance list is visible to members or only admins and if you wish to set a automatic reminder for those who have not responded. Read more about the event settings here.
  5. Press "select recipients" in the top right corner. You can also skip this step and invite later.
  6. Add event host/s and save. Read more about hosts here.
  7. The events will now show in the app for the members and they will be able to respond once the invite is sent. You can also go to the event after it's created to press "send now" if you wish to send it instantly. If the members are "attending

Read more here about how you can bulk-edit or delete events. When bulk editing the season planner you can also add max number of participants and answer deadline. You can also edit the events one by one.

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