I wish to make a complaint about Spot the Ball (UK)

You should notify Spond of any issues or complaints in relation to the Service by sending details of the issue or complaint to support@spond.com. Spond will endeavour to solve any issues notified to them in a fair and reasonable manner. 

If the issue is not resolved within 21 days it will be referred to the Customer Success Manager at Spond who will investigate the issue or complaint in good faith and take any action that is deemed necessary. The Customer Success Manager may request any further information or evidence that may be required in order to investigate the issue. 

What do I do if I receive any complaints or regulatory queries about my campaign? 

If it is a simple request for details of the company organising the prize competition, you can find these elsewhere in this section. For anything else, please immediately notify Spond and keep our team updated as to the progress or resolution of such complaints or investigations.

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