How does “Repeating” events work?

Repeating events is a beneficial feature if your group have practice or matches at the same time each week, fortnightly or monthly.

  • You can decide how far in advance (days and time of the day) the invitations are sent out (from 1 to 14 days).
  • You can set a participation fee
  • The administrator will always receive a push notification before the invitations are sent out (unless you have turned this option off), in case you need to cancel the event or add more information that is significant for that particular event. You can also add max number of attendees. Read more.
  • You can set the participants as automatically attending which means they only have to respond if they cannot attend.
  • You can set an answer deadline for when the participants need to respond by
  • The invitees can turn off notifications for a whole series by pressing the 3 dots within the event then "stop invite notifications for series"
  • To remove someone from a repeating event you can press the X next to the participants name in the participant list to remove them from this and/or all future occurrences.
  • To edit repeating events, go to one of the events and press Edit > Edit this an all future occurrences. Then you will be able to also include attachments, registration fee, meet time and an answer deadline.
  • How to delete repeating events

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