How to create events with a registration fee

If you would like all participants to pay a fee to attend an event, you can add a registration fee. All participants will then be asked to pay the fee when they press "attend" and will not be able to until they pay. You can do this on both single and repeating events.

The administrators will still be able to change the participant’s attendance status without claiming the fee - for example if someone has paid in cash or is exempt from paying. Simply go to the attendance list, find the member and set them as "attending" and press "join without paying"

Members on a waiting list will not be charged before they have received a safe spot for the event.

You can also add an attendance fee after the event has started but only new participants will be asked to pay. Existing participants will have to be re-invited to pay the fee.

We will never save sensitive payment information, as your security is extremely important to us. Our payment provider Stripe, with high PCI certification, handles all payments to secure your personal information.

How does a member add their payment info?

Transaction costs

A small amount of the money that is paid will be drawn to cover the transaction costs. You can choose if you would like this amount to be drawn from or added to the final costs when you set up the payment system. Read more about this here.

Payments can not be refunded through Spond unfortunately so if you cancel or someone withdraws from an event with a registrator fee, the refund has to be organised between the member and the receiver.

What happens if I cancel an event?

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