Do I have to use the app?

No, if you don't wish to use the app, only receive notifications by email, you only need to accept the group invite to be able to respond to events, comments and payment requests through your email. To reply to direct messages, edit your profile and get a fullI overview of the whole group, you can register on and log in on

If you download the app and log in, the email notifications will stop. When you log out of the app, the email notifications will start again.

If you wish to unsubscribe from the email notifications you can do so at the bottom of the invitation. This is also where you re-subscribe.

For admin: If you invite a member with their mobile number, they will receive the initial group invitation via SMS, but will be encouraged to download the app or register with an email to receive future notifications as we unfortunately do not have unlimited SMS sending. If someone dont want to use the app, you therefor need to add them to the group manually, not with the group code.

What do Spond invitations look like?

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