Payout Account ID Verification

To comply with laws and regulations we, and our payment processor Stripe, may require that you verify your identity or other information connected to the payout account you have created. This requirement exists to promote transparency and prevent money laundering and other financial crimes.

If missing verification is not updated, outstanding payments will be put on hold until it's updated and approved. If any of the information you update should not be approved, you will receive a new email and will need to update again.

If we require you to verify your identity, you will receive an email with a link to our verification form. To complete the verification, we may ask that you upload a photo or scan of your ID, proof of address, or provide further information about your account. You can also access this link by going to your Spond profile > Payment > Payout method and follow the account with the error message. Ensure that the date of birth and address is also up to date on this form.

Document requirements

Since the ID requirements are different depending on which country your bank account is located in, the verification form will explicitly state which information we require from you. The information is sent directly to our payment processor through an encrypted link.

Read more about Stripe's document requirements here:

We take privacy and security very seriously. For security reasons, we do not accept copies of IDs over email.

Please see our Privacy Policy, as well as Stripe's Privacy Policy, to learn more.

Don't hesitate to get in touch on if you have any questions around this.

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