Text and time polls

Do you have a question you want to ask your group? This feature allows you to ask any type of question, from what type of outfit size the team needs (Text poll) to what date suits your group to have an event (Time poll).

  • You can chose if the results are visible to all members or only admins
  • You can allow members to vote for multiple options
  • You can set a deadline for the poll
  • The members can vote blank by pressing the downwards arrow in the poll
  • You can send a friendly voting reminder, and see which members that have seen the poll
  • The members can like and comment on the poll in line with how regular posts work
  • You can only create polls within groups or sub groups.
  • To export, edit or delete the poll, press the downwards arrow in the poll

Text poll

You can add a question and any additional information if needed. You can add up to 30 different answers allowing each participant to choose their answer.

Time poll

You can suggest numerous dates and times to ask which one suits your group. From the results you can create the event directly in the group by clicking the downwards arrow in the poll.

PS! The administrator is not able to answer or change any answers of the poll on behalf of a member. If admin also wishes to vote they need to add themselves as members first.

You need to add at least 2 alternatives to be able to create the vote.

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